iPhone XR 2 Features Leaked By Various Sources Over The Internet

The iPhone XR was surrounded by controversies when it was released. Some bashed the device because it uses an LCD instead of the OLED panels sported by its bigger brothers. The performance of the camera was also a bit disappointing. However, many critics praised the device as one of the best budget devices, and others even claimed that it is the best iPhone made by Apple.

The next generation of iPhones will be announced in less than six months, and many are looking forward to the upcoming devices. Several leaks inferred how the iPhone XI and XI Max could look like but no one seemed to know anything about the iPhone XR 2.

A popular news outlet claims that the iPhone XR 2 will be even better than the original and some rumors have started to appear on the internet. Select sources claim that the device could arrive with dual camera setup and improved performance.

What do we know about iPhone XR2?

The rumor about the camera is reinforced by other sources which claim that Apple plans to use triple camera setups for the flagships devices. Since the improved camera will make them more expensive, it is likely that the price of the budget smartphone will be adjusted accordingly.

Other sources offer brazen theories, arguing that Apple plans to make the XR 2 more attractive by adding a selection of new features. The device could receive an OLED panel, even if it were a bit weaker in comparison to the ones present on the flagships.

A fully-featured Portrait Mode would catch the attention of many potential customers. While the iPhone XR 2 offers a Portrait mode, it is quite limited since it relies on software to achieve the desired effect. A new A13 processor should provide increased performance in comparison to the A12 Bionic. It is also hoped that Apple will offer a version with 512 GB of internal storage space. Until an official announcement is released, we can only hope that the device will be great.

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