Facebook Implemented Some Changes – Here’s Everything You Have To Know About Them

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism in recent times as many critics complain that the company doesn’t seem too interested when it comes to implementing changes which should solve some of the major issues. During the annual F8 developer who took place in San Jose, California, the company strived to clarify some of the major problems and the strategy will be used to combat the, with a visible priority on privacy.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tackled the privacy concerns right from the start, noting that the platform faced harsh criticism due to some mistakes. Several changes have been announced and below you can learn what will be different for each service offered by the company.

Here’s everything you have to know about recent Facebook changes

Facebook Messenger

The main change is a focus on encryption, and Facebook wants to secure the entire app. The initiative will be quite difficult to implement since it clashes with another project which aims to limit the amount of fake news shared with the help of the social platform. Other features will be improved, and users may receive the ability to watch videos together, even if they live in different countries.

Messenger for Kids

Messenger for Kids is a cleaner, safer version of the original app. The service allows parents to see and approve contacts before kids have a chance to interact with them. Some voices argue that kids shouldn’t be allowed to used messaging apps, but Facebook stated that they would do it even if the parents are against and Facebook for Kids allows them to chat with their friends without being exposed to risks.


In the case of Instagram, the main priority is to tackle online bullying. This is another goal that sounds good in theory, but it will be quite hard to implement in the long run. Many were disappointed by the fact that Facebook struggled to avoid hot topics like fake news or a feasible way to help users who are addicted to one of its platforms.

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