Clash of Clans 11.446.24 Update Enhances the Overall Software Stability

When it comes to comparing popular mobile games, Clash of Clans takes the cake! Even though there are many other games which have been downloaded by millions of people from all over the world, Clash of Clans is the only one which can boast about standing the test of time. Clash of Clans was released back in the summer of 2012 and considering the fact that the game is still hugely popular in 2019, we think it’s safe to say that the developers of the mobile game are doing something right.

Supercell is the game developer in charge of Clash of Clans and from the looks of it, Supercell’s motto is “another day, another update”. The reason why we are saying this is because Supercell is tweaking out the mobile game’s software and enhancing its performances by introducing bug fixes through new APK updates that come out a couple of times per week. In fact, a brand-new update for Clash of Clans has recently arrived and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

New Clash of Clans Update

First off, the latest update for Clash of Clans sports the 11.446.24 version number and it’s available to download in the form of APK. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of updates, APK stands for “Android Package Kit” and what makes this type of updates special is the fact that they need to be manually downloaded and installed directly on smartphones.

On the bright side of things, Clash of Clans fans are not necessarily required to manually download and install the new update. They can also simply wait a couple of more days because the update is eventually going to be rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels.

Nonetheless, the update for Clash of Clans comes with a bunch of bug fixes that take the software stability of the mobile game to the next level. Therefore, we are advising all Clash of Clans fans to download the update as soon as possible.

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