UC Browser Turbo Update Optimizes the Download Manager

Some of you might have heard about UC Browser in the past since this is the most popular browser in Asia and its slowly but surely going to dethrone Google Chrome. However, what many people don’t know about UC Browser is that there is an enhanced version of it called UC Browser Turbo. What makes this version of the browser special is the fact that it focuses on delivering a premium user experience that is not disturbed by ads.

No More Ads and Faster Download Speeds

The biggest benefit of using UC Browser Turbo is that users don’t have to deal with any type of annoying ads. This enhanced version of the browser is equipped with a minimalist, yet sleek looking UI (user interface) that makes it much easier for users to browse the web at their own leisure. Not just that, but UC Browser Turbo is equipped with a bunch of exclusive features such as video cache, incognito mod, ad blocker, and a fast download mode.

The fast download mode is what really makes UC Browser Turbo stand out from all other browsers. The developers of UC Browser Turbo know that people enjoy downloading all types of files from the internet and therefore, they have speeded up the process of downloading data by optimizing UC Browser Turbo’s download manager.

UC Browser Turbo Update

UC Browser Turbo has recently received a new update and it comes with lots of software improvements. In fact, today we are going to check out the patch notes for the update so that we can see all the features that the new update brings.

  1. Optimized Download: External SD card storage supported, easier to download videos while watching;
  2. Homepage Customizable: Easier to add sites to the Homepage;
  3. Optimized displaying mode of Google search results;
  4. Various stability and performance improvements.

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