iPhone 11 Rumors Indicate That Apple Would Launch Five iPhone 2019 Models

Surprising news on iPhone 11 series has been released on the Japanese blog Mac Otakara regarding the fact that Apple will release five new iPhone 2019 models this year.

The unexpected information was smuggled out by a “trustworthy source” the from inside of the Chinese Apple supply chain. Besides the anticipated iPhone 11 phones that would be upgrades of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, Mac Otakara discloses that Apple is drawing up another unexpected two models, a 6.1 inch and a 6.5 inch iPhone 2019 models. They would come with OLED displays, thinner chassis​, triple array cameras but with bigger sensors, reverse wireless charging and a package of 18W Lightning-to-USB-C fast chargers.

The future iPhone 11 smartphones might not come with quick charging, and they might sport identical chassis with the iPhone 2018 models. Also, the iPhone XR upgrade of 2019 will keep its inexpensive LCD, as Mac Otakara stated.

iPhone 11 leaks suggest that Apple plans to release five iPhone 2019 models, but not with 5G

If we are to compare this with the fact that Samsung released four Galaxy S10 models and four other Galaxy Note 10 updates are expected to appear, but that because of a difference between the 4G and 5G versions, we can agree to the idea that what Apple intends to do is a little bit insane. The latter models’ hardware has a compelling price premium, and 5G is not accessible everywhere yet, so the additional versions make sense.

iPhone 11 smartphones won’t have 5G this year, and it was rumored that they wouldn’t have it until 2021. The company sells at the moment seven iPhone models, six Apple Watches, five iPad versions, and three Apple TVs, one of which – Apple TV+ – is, in fact, a streaming gadget. Apple is currently hiding in plain sight with their extremely unusual new development of an iPhone that folds and a public-pleasing device named iPhone SE2 which may be released in 2020.

With that being said, raising prices for a new and improved first-runner iPhone 2019 range might not be the right way to increase to the number of their fans while people wait for the 5G versions.

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