Google Play Services 16.1.53 Beta APK Brings Performance Boosts to Android Smartphones

If you ever wondered what is the app that helps the Android operating system run smooth and deliver a premium user experience, then you should know that Google Play Services is the one in charge of that. This is a background app that takes care of important tasks such as synchronizing contacts, memorizing passwords, making mobile games feel more immersive and much more. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the Android parent is paying lots of attention to Google Play Services and that its improving performances its every week via APK updates.

Google Play Services 16.1.53 Beta APK

Android fans who are enlisted in the beta program should be happy to know that the Android parent has recently released a new update for Google Play Services. This is a high priority update for all Android beta testers because instead of focusing on bringing visual changes or tweaks to the UI (user interface), it makes sure that Google Play Services is running at peak-performance levels by introducing a handful of software tweaks and bug fixes.

Faster Performances

With that being said, Android beta testers who download the new Google Play Services 16.1.53 beta APK will soon find out that their smartphone’s overall performances have been enhanced. The software tweaks that the update brings optimize the software of Google Play Services, thus making it run faster than usual and considering that Google Play Services is one of the most important components of the Android operating systems, Android powered smartphones are going to see a major boost in power.

Bug Fixes

Truth be told, bug fixes usually don’t bring that many changes. However, we need to let all Android fans know that bug fixes are what’s actually keeping the operating system running without any issues. For example, the new bug fixes that the latest Google Play Services update brings make sure that the background app never randomly crashes.

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