UC Browser Update – Never Wait for Online Videos to Buffer Anymore

The Android parent is pre-installing Google Chrome on all Android powered smartphones and this is making it difficult for other browsers to compete. However, there is one browser that has the necessary features in order to take down Google Chrome. The browser that we are talking about is developed by Alibaba and it is called UC Browser.

The advantage that UC Browser has over Google Chrome is the fact that UC Browser is being updated every week. From the looks of it, the developers who are in charge of UC Browser are never going on vacation and thanks to this, UC Browser has received its second update in April. The update sports the version number and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

UC Browser Update

As previously mentioned, the latest update for UC Browser sports the version number. The update has been released today (April 9th) and it introduces two important features that UC Browser fans are going to love.

Video Speed Mode

UC Browser fans should be happy to know that the latest update introduces a brand-new video speed mode. This mode has been specially designed to make it easier for UC Browser fans to watch online videos and it basically removes the need to wait for online videos to buffer anymore.

Faster File Sharing

One of the things that separate UC Browser from other browsers is the fact that it gives users access to a plethora of cool features, including the ability to share news, videos, GIFs, pictures and all other types of files. With that said, the new update for UC Browser improves the browser’s overall file sharing abilities by optimizing the software. The software optimization also improves the stability of the browser.

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