GTA 6 Release Date Rumors for PC, PS5, Xbox Two and Google Stadia

Rockstar Games is still postponing the release date of GTA 6, and we don’t know how much time will be waiting for it. For sure GTA 6 will have a massive success when it is released, and we are confident that we will find out in the nearest future, even if the five-year cycle between Grand Theft Auto games is broken.

Moreover, GTA Online was a massive success that the company hadn’t expected, and at the same time was released RDR2 after the company delayed it. That could mean that GTA online was performing so good, that the company had neglected RDR 2. Rockstar declared that the game needs further polish, but the analysts believe that it may have something to do with the game’s online mode.

However, the first thought was that Red Dead Online would defeat GTA online, but now the reports show that the number of RDR 2 players has dropped, because of the many free games online. Also, the game is still in beta version, but that could be recovered in the future months.

Nevertheless, to say, it’s maybe early to tell if Rockstar will speed up with the release date of GTA 6 and its platforms. In one case scenario, if GTA 6 will be launched in 2020, the platforms that we could choose to use would be PC, PS5 and Xbox Two. Google Stadia will be on top, but also PS4 and Xbox One. If the second case scenario has the release date around 2021, maybe we will eliminate the platforms from above.

Also, the new jobs listing in the earlier 2019 at RockStar studios can suggest that we are talking about a big project. They are looking for Senior Environment Artist for “the creation of exciting and believable artwork,”.

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