UC Browser Release – File Sharing Has Never Been Easier!

What’s great about Android powered smartphones is the fact that the operating system offers a premium user experience. However, this is not what Google’s operating system does best. The best thing about using an Android powered smartphone is the fact that users get access to a plethora of apps and UC Browser is the perfect example of that.

Even though Google pre-installs its Google Chrome mobile browser on all Android devices, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Google Chrome is the only way to go. There are always other alternatives and here is where UC Browser comes in and saves the day. UC Browser is used by tens of millions of people from all over the world and what makes it stand out is the fact that it is equipped with entertainment and file-sharing features.

UC Browser Update

As previously noted, UC Browser is equipped with lots of cool features including the ability to share news, images, pictures, videos, GIFs and all other types of files between users. Fortunately, the new update for UC Browser enhances the browser’s file sharing features. The developers of the browser have stated in the patch notes that users will now get access to a bunch of new file sharing options that have been designed to make it easier and more fun for users to share important data.

The last thing that we want to go over when it comes to UC Browser’s latest update is the fact that it also introduces a brand-new iFlow bar. Furthermore, the position of the buttons on the iFlow bar has been changed so that they can be easier accessed. Not just that, but the developers of UC Browser have also made sure to include a new floating refresh button in the iFlow bar.

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