UC Browser Update Adds the Highly Anticipated “Video Speed Mode”

The great thing about using an Android powered smartphones is that users receive access to millions of apps and games that they can download. The best example of this is how there are numerous mobile browsers that Android users can pick from. Even though there are lots of mobile browsers that Android users can choose, there is one that stands above them all. The browser that we are talking about is called UC Browser and it has been downloaded by nearly 20 million people on the Google Play Store alone.

Powerful Mobile Browser

What makes UC Browser special when compared to the likes of Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is the fact that UC Browser’s software has been optimized to lower the overall mobile data that it needs in order to surf the web. Not just that, but UC Browser is more than a simple browser that people can use in order to find information. UC Browser is also a great tool when it comes to entertainment.

UC Browser Update

As previously noted, UC Browser excels when it comes to entertainment. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the latest update for the mobile browser which sports the version number introduces a bunch of new features and software tweaks that improve its video player.

Improved Video Player

UC Browser is equipped with a pre-installed video player that can run all types of video formats. Well, things are now going to get even better for UC Browser users because the new update comes with new improvements to the video player including a brand-new video speed mode.

Video Speed Mode

Just like the feature’s name implies, the video speed mode is going to improve the speed at which UC Browser can load online videos. This means that UC Browser users will no longer have to wait for their favorite videos to buffer.

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