Twitter Lite 2.1.0–25 Update Introduces Support for Full-Screen Videos and More

Twitter is the best social media platform when it comes to staying updated with all the latest breaking news, world events, sports scores, trending music and even politics. Everyone is on Twitter and having a Twitter account where you can share your opinions and thoughts is basically a “must” nowadays. On the downside of things, Twitter is infamous for being a taxing app on smartphones.

The social media platform requires powerful hardware specs in order to run at peak performance levels and as we all know, powerful smartphones are quite expensive. Well, here is where Twitter Lite comes in and provides everyone with the perfect alternative.

Twitter Lite

Just like its name implies, Twitter Lite is a stripped down version of the original app and it can run on basically any smartphone. Although, the great thing about Twitter Lite is the fact that its software has been optimized to lower the amount of mobile data that the social media platform needs in order to load images and newsfeeds.

2.1.0—25 Update

The reason why Twitter Lite is making headlines today is because the developers who are in charge of the app have just released a brand-new update. The update sports the 2.1.0—25 version number and it weighs in at 1.28MB. This is a lightweight update, but this was to be expected since the developers of Twitter Lite compress everything. In addition, the update requires a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop in order to run.

What’s New?

The new update for Twitter Lite introduces a couple of really useful improvements and we are going to list the patch notes down below so that everyone can check them out:

We cleaned up behind the curtain to make Twitter Lite better, faster, stronger, and still light as ever. Enjoy the following new updates:

  • Watch videos in fullscreen;
  • Easy reading – links from your browser open directly in the app now.

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