Borderlands 3 Might Sport Cross-Platform Play Functionality

Borderlands 3 was announced during PAX East, and the anticipated game will arrive on September 13th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Some sources claim that the long-awaited looter-shooter will include cross-platform play functionality, allowing friends who use different platforms to play together without problems. The game appears listed Microsoft Store, and eagle-eyed user observed that the description mentions cross-platform co-op.

At this point, there is no way to tell if Microsoft made a mistake or leaked an unannounced feature, but the entry has been removed. 2K and Gearbox are currently in hot water after the title became an Epic Games Store exclusive. Disgruntled fans have already filled countless forum pages with complaints, arguing that the move shows that 2K doesn’t care about players and their well-being.

The Epic Games Store was released a few months ago, but many gamers boycotted the initiative. Among the chief complaints is the fact that the store lacks basic functionalities, as Epic thought that it could pull another Fortnite since the favorite video game was released as an early access title.

Borderlands 3 would come with cross-platform play, as an Epic Store Games exclusive title

The CEO of Epic Games has announced that the company will add several features in the future, but many users claim that releasing a functional store at a later date would have been a better decision. Borderlands 3 would also be an exclusive title on the Epic Games Store for six months.

The flames of war were sparked when Deep Silver and Koch Media pulled Metro: Exodus from Steam. Other developers followed the trend and signed exclusivity deals with Epic Games, hoping that they will be able to earn a higher amount of revenue.

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, has posted several tweets which appear to defend the choice and hint towards the possibility of cross-play. He noted that 2K is responsible for the publishing and distribution of the title, with Gearbox merely delivering the game. One of the tweets mentioned the fact that Gearbox is very interested in cross-platform play, an idea which is shared by Epic Games. It is likely that the Borderlands 3 cross-platform play will be divided between the Xbox One and PC at first, with support for PS4 arriving at a later date.

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