Google Duplex Artificial Intelligence Rolled Out Across All Android and iOS Smartphones

During the I/O conference which took place in 2018, a new feature revealed by Google led to countless forum discussions. The Google Duplex artificial intelligence enhances the capabilities of the Google Assistant by allowing it to call restaurants and make reservations on behalf of the owner. If the task is completed a confirmation message will be offered.

Google Duplex launched across all Android and iOS smartphones

The new features were first released for Google Pixel devices, but the support has been extended across all Android smartphones and iOS devices. The official support site Google My Bussiness Help mentions that a compatible device has to run Android 5.0 Lollipop and iPhones with the Google Assistant installed.

The app is now usable in 43 US states and has been tested successfully on a Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS. Below you can find a quick tutorial which should allow you to use Google Duplex without problems.

How to use Google Duplex artificial intelligence feature

  1. To start the task, you will have to use a trigger phrase. The most common example is ‘’Hey Google, make a restaurant reservation.
  2. The Google Assistant will acknowledge the requirement, and it will ask you to provide additional details. You will have to mention the name of the desired restaurant, the number of people who will come, the time of the reservation and other information.
  3. After the details will be confirmed the Google Assistant will perform the call. A confirmation message will be offered, and a reminder will be added to the calendar.

Some people criticized the feature, saying that the AI stands too real and that is a bad thing. To mitigate potential privacy issues the revamped version of the app will state at the start of the conversation that a robot is making the call and it is recorded. It remains to be seen if restaurant owners will embrace the Google Duplex artificial intelligence feature. If the feedback is positive, Google may expand the functionality for other services like beauty parlors and hotels.

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