Viber Update Adds Dark Mode, Free Group Calls and Much More

Even though WhatsApp holds the title of being the most popular online chatting app, Viber is slowly but surely catching up to it. Viber is one of the first mobile apps to give users the ability to place phone calls over the internet and its library of features has kept on getting bigger over the years. The developers who are in charge of Viber are constantly improving the app’s performances and user experience through regular updates and a new one has just arrived.

Viber Update

The latest update for Viber sports the version number and the first thing that we want to mention about it is that it brings lots of highly useful features that Viber users have been asking for a long time such as the Dark Mode. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the features that the new update introduces so that all Viber users can find out what’s coming their way.

Dark Mode

As previously noted, Viber’s latest update introduces the highly anticipated Dark Mode. “Take a walk on the dark side with a new Viber theme,” said the app’s developers in the patch notes. This mode doesn’t just look cool, but it also makes it easier on the eyes for users who work night shifts. In addition, the Dark Mode is going to lower the overall amount of battery that Viber uses.

Free Group Calls

While the Dark Mode might be one of the coolest features that Viber’s new update introduces, its not the most useful one. The most useful feature that is being introduced alongside the new update is the ability to make free group voice calls with up to five participants.

Find Previous Messages

The last feature that we want to cover is called “find previous messages”. Just like the feature’s name implies, Viber users will be able to search through their old chats much easier than usual.

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