Panda Helper Top Six Features for Android and iOS (No Root, No Jailbreak)

The best thing about carrying a smartphone in your pocket at all times is the fact that you will get access to millions of useful apps and fun games. Reports are showing that there are more than two million apps available only Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Even though there are so many apps that people can download, there are lots of useful apps that don’t make it on the two app libraries because their features go against Apple and Google’s ToS (terms of services).

While official app stores might offer millions of apps and games that users can pick from, its quite annoying to be restricted to only apps and games that Apple and Google agree with. Well, this is where Panda Helper comes in and provides everyone with an alternative.

Panda Helper for Android and iOS

Panda Helper is one of the world’s fastest and most secure app installers that works on Android and iOS powered devices. The great thing about Panda Helper is the fact that iOS are not required to jailbreak their devices in order to access the apps and games that Panda Helper has to offer.

Highlight Features

In order to give everyone a good idea of the features that Panda Helper has to offer, we have selected the top six highlight features that Panda Helper brings to the table and we are going to present them down below.

  • Panda Helper doesn’t require iOS devices to be jailbroken and Android devices to be rooted;
  • Panda Helper offers a plethora of games and apps that can’t be found on the App Store or the Play Store;
  • Users will be able to access every popular apps alongside modded versions of them such as Facebook ++ and Instagram ++;
  • Panda Helper holds the title of being one of the world’s fastest app installers;
  • This is a lightweight app installer that doesn’t require too much internal storage space;
  • All app and downloads in Panda Helper are protected via SSL encryption.

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