Android 9 Pie Update Comes To Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Worldwide

Samsung announced last week that the latest Android 9 Pie update would be soon available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the company meant it. The anticipated update is now available in select regions from all over the world. Below you can find some of the new features which are included in the new update.

Android 9 Pie update on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 brings new features

Improved security

The Pie update includes the latest security updates for your device, which is great news since you won’t have to download them separately. A new Lockdown mode will allow you to boost the overall security level by offering a button which permits users to disable most unlock methods and notifications quickly.

Lift to wake

This handy feature will instantly wake the screen of the device when you raise the device to your face by allowing the device to scan your eyes. Those who already use the iris scanning feature to secure their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will love the fact that you won’t have to press the power button to activate the screen.

New Emojis

If you love emojis, we have great news for you: more than 50 new emojis will be available, including a lobster, superhero, and supervillain.

The Night Mode

Yes, it is a fancy name for dark mode, but it is excellent. The system-wide mode will save your battery life, and the screen will be more comfortable to use during the night. Many of the pre-loaded Samsung apps are compatible with the new dark mode (giving users another reason to use them).

Users of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will now have the option to enable the Night Mode manually or use an automatic activation feature.

Dolby Atmos support

Note 8 user will be soon able to enjoy the premium experience of Dolby Atmos. The coveted feature has been released across several devices, and it is included in the upcoming update.

Remap the Bixby Key

Bixby may be better than many fans believe, but Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners will be able to remap the Bixby key if they wish to do so thanks to the Android 9 Pie update.

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