Clash of Clans Spring 2019 Update: New Leaderboards, 30vs30 League and Exciting Rewards

If you love playing Clash of Clans on your smartphone, then we have some amazing news for you. The mobile game is scheduled to receive its biggest update yet and it will start rolling out in April. No, this is not an April Fools Day gag and Supercell has confirmed that a new Clan War League size is on the way. Not only that, but the League will also introduce lots of new and revamped rewards alongside a post-season leaderboards.

Clash of Clans Spring Update

Supercell has announced three big features that are going to be introduced this month to Clash of Clans. The first one is as previously mentioned a new Clan War League that will introduce 30vs30 battles. The League is going to be available to players ranked Bronze III up to Master I leagues. We think it’s safe to say that Clans are going to have lots of fun this Spring. To make things even better, Clans can also opt to join 15vs15 battles if their entire roster is not online.

New Rewards

Supercell, the developer in charge of Clash of Clans, knows that introducing a new and fun League is not enough to get players to fight each other and therefore, the game developer is also introducing a bunch of new rewards that are designed to “encourage that competitive spirit”.

“In each league, there will be a maximum amount of Medals you can earn; however, how much of that maximum you earn will depend on how many Stars you individually earn in that League,” explained Supercell.

New Leaderboards

The game is also getting a new leaderboard. Here is what Supercell had to say about it: “This leaderboard will show the ranking of the Champion I Clans, based on your Clan’s position in your Champion I group, then Stars earned, with Destruction % for tiebreakers.”

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