PlayStation 5 Leaked Patent Revealed A New Feature

More than five years have passed since Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4. The powerful console was well-received by reviewers and fans alike, offering a robust package of features which made it an instant hit. A beefier version of the device arrived in the form of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which rolled out back in 2016. Now, a PlayStation 5 leaked patent unveiled a new feature.

While the console sold quite well, Sony has acknowledged that they are working on a future model, dubbed by the fans as PlayStation 5, though it is likely that this will be the official name since there is no reason to change it at this point.

The upcoming console could arrive with an interesting feature as it seems that Sony plans to add digital trade-ins. The information comes from a reliable source who analyzed a patent which was filled by Sony Online Entertainment.

PlayStation 5 would come with a new feature

The PlayStation 5 patent notes that the company is interested in the potential of digital gifting and digital trade-ins. A system will be able to observe the modifications which were made to a digital copy of a game and determine the value of the copy by analyzing the data. It is likely that the algorithm could take into account if the game were completed, unlocked features, the presence of additional DLC and other aspects.

The user will be able to gift, sell or trade the digital copy to a third-party. The conditions of the trade aren’t mentioned, but it is likely that the price could be limited by the software to avoid scam attempts.

Other voices claim that another feature could be added in the form of backward compatibility. Previous versions of the popular console were able to play an older game with ease, but the feature was retired in favor of PlayStation Now, a streaming service which allows PS4 owners and PC gamers to play older PS titles with the help of a DualShock 4 controller. Until an official announcement is offered, we can only hope that the next PlayStation 5 console will be great.

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