Minecraft Players Need to Keep Away from Open Worlds on Xbox One!

Hunting down Minecraft Achievements is one of the most fun things that players can do in the game. These achievements don’t only give players something that they can brag about, but they also give players something to do. The fastest way to hunt certain achievements is to join Open World servers where other players are roaming around and unfortunately, there is a big problem with this feature.

Minecraft Open Worlds Problem on Xbox One

We advise all Xbox One players who love playing Minecraft to stay away from Open Worlds for the next couple of days. There is a bug which causes the game to be downloaded and installed in the 1.11 beta version for Xbox One and as you can clearly imagine, this is really bad for individual shared worlds.

“We’re running an issue where players are receiving the Minecraft 1.11 beta on Xbox One without being opted into the beta program. While we work on a fix, DO NOT open your worlds with the beta,” tweeted Matt Gartzke who is the Community Manager for Minecraft.

Bugs and Crashes

The reason why Xbox One Minecraft players should keep away from Open Worlds is because the beta version of the game has its fair share of bugs which can cause the game to crash. The problem here is that if the game crashes, then the save file will be lost and therefore, players will lose all the hard work they put into their crafted worlds.

Upcoming Update

Even though Minecraft’s Community Manager has acknowledged that this is a big issue for the Xbox One version of Minecraft, Matt Gartzke didn’t announce an official ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the new update which fixes this beta problem. Let’s just hope that the developers move fast and take care of this problem.

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