OnePlus 7 – Leaked Video Reveals Incredible Features

OnePlus 7 is the worst kept secret in the smartphone industry and there is no doubt about that. Even though the smartphone’s official release date has yet to be announced, the internet has been flooded with leaks about OnePlus 7 and the leak is a video that showcases the smartphone’s sleek design and powerful features such as the edge-to-edge OLED display.

There are so many leaks about OnePlus 7 that some industry are speculating that OnePlus is anonymously releasing them in order to get smartphone fans excited about OnePlus 7. Whatever might be the case, let’s take a look at the newly leaked OnePlus 7 video and see what are the features that we can spot.

OnePlus 7 – Leaked Video

We have linked the video down below for everyone to watch. However, if you don’t have the time to watch the video, then you don’t need to worry about it because we will break it down for you. The leaked video introduces OnePlus 7 and its full-screen design right from the start. The smartphone will ship with an edge-to-edge OLED display that measures in at 6.41-inches. OnePlus 7 will follow the tradition started by its predecessor and will feature an optical in-display fingerprint scanner.

Pop-Out Selfie Camera

The most interesting feature that is highlighted in the leaked video is OnePlus 7’s selfie camera. Instead of using a waterdrop display notch as it did with OnePlus 6T, the Chinese based tech giant has decided to equip OnePlus 7 with a pop-out selfie camera. This is a really innovative feature and the video reveals that it will rise from the top-left side of the screen. In addition, the selfie camera is said to feature 16MP.

Under the Hood

The last thing that we want to cover is that OnePlus 7 will be powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 855 CPU. The powerful CPU will be paired with 8GB/12GB of RAM and a 4,000 mAh battery for good measure.

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