Chrome 74 beta Comes With Dark Mode in Windows, Also Brings “Reduce Motion” Feature

Dark mode slowly began spreading through major programs on different devices, and we can all agree that we also joined the dark side, but not for cookies!

Get ready to see Chrome 74, which is now in beta, and supports dark mode on Windows, adding a little more than that. The browser will load the dark mode theme if the platform has already set to be in “Dark” mode. The colored Google logo will also get less bright to match the charcoal coloring of the browser.

What is “Reduce Motion“?

And if you’re suffering from motion sickness, you can make Chrome 74 reduce animations by choosing an option that is called “Remove animations” or “Reduce motion.” The option is available on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. With this option, users won’t see animations that will make them nauseous, but it will only work on websites that come with the alternative – the websites must have two types of pages: calmer and dynamic.

On the Google Developers blog, Developer Advocate Thomas Steiner presents this option as follows:

Not everyone likes decorative animations or transitions, and some users outright experience motion sickness when faced with parallax scrolling, zooming effects, etc. Chrome 74 supports a user preference media query prefers-reduced-motion that lets you design a motion-reduced variant of your site for users who have expressed this preference.

He also added that the option is able to “comprise anything from refraining from having autoplaying videos to disabling certain purely decorative effects, to completely redesigning a page for certain users.”

So no more autoplay videos that scare the hell out of us? Yay!

The CSS Working Group is also working on more queries, such as prefers-reduced-transparency, prefers-contrast, prefers-color-scheme, and inverted-colors, and they will lunch in Chrome as soon as they’re ready.

Check out the entire blog post on Google Developers, and let’s thank Stephen McGruer who implemented the prefers-reduced-motion option in Chrome!

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