WhatsApp Beta Update Fixes a Huge Problem

A serious bug in WhatsApp’s beta version 2.19.66 that was removing media files, in particular photos, from users’ chats has been recently reported by the app’s beta testers. Several screenshots illustrating how various pictures were disappearing from the platform were shared on Twitter.

Media files started disappearing on WhatsApp

Some beta testers started sharing on Twitter their strange experiences with WhatsApp, as media files were suddenly disappearing from their chats. The reports were indicating that these files were being removed only from the app and not from the storage of the phone.

According to a recent tweet from WABetainfo, this issue might have been caused due to the fact that the app was not up-to-date.

The bug seems to have been fixed for now

Even though we didn’t have any official announcement from WhatsApp about the bug being fixed, a new tweet from WABetainfo advises users that were affected by this problem to delete WhatsApp from their devices and then download the newest version, 2.19.71. The same advice also comes from WhatsApp watcher, who is mentioning that users should update their app to the latest version.

The company has also offered an update which should be uninstalled by all testers that have backups of version 2.19.65 and lower. These users are advised to switch to the most recent 2.19.71 build. They will then be able to restore their chat history from the backup.

An issue present on iOS devices has also been fixed

WhatsApp has also managed to fix a bug that was detected on iOS devices, which apparently bypasses Apple’s Face ID. This was fixed by introducing a completely separate lock in the app with Face ID or a security code.

It is expected that Android users will soon start seeing this feature, which is meant to protect their privacy even more than before.

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