OnePlus 7: Specs, Price and Everything Else You Need to Know About It

OnePlus 7 is the next-generation flagship smartphone from the Chinese based tech giant OnePlus and it’s expected to launching during the upcoming future. The flagship smartphone is going to equipped with premium hardware parts and to make things even better, OnePlus 7 will offer an affordable price tag that falls in the mid-range budget category. Nonetheless, we have gathered all the reliable information there is to know about the upcoming smartphone and we are going to present it today.

Pop-Out Selfie Camera

The first thing that we want to cover when it comes to OnePlus 7 is the fact that the smartphone will ship with an innovative pop-out camera. OnePlus 7 is not the first smartphone to offer this type of selfie camera since Vivo Nex has the head start. Moreover, the selfie camera will feature 16Mp. In addition, OnePlus 7 will feature a triple camera-setup mounted on the back which offers 48MP, 20MP and 5MP.

Price Tag

As previously noted, OnePlus 7’s price will fit in the mid-range budget category. An online retailer made a mistake and listed OnePlus 7 ahead of its launch date and the listing revealed that the smartphone will cost $569. While this might not be the most affordable price tag, it’s significantly cheaper than Apple and Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones.

Wireless Charging

We also have some bad news for OnePlus fans who are thinking about buying the new flagship smartphone. OnePlus 7 will not support wireless charging. This is not a rumor and CEO Pete Lau has confirmed in a recent interview. The reasoning behind this is that according to Pete Lau, “OnePlus charging is one of the best”. The CEO is implying that the smartphone’s cable charging technology is much more efficient than the wireless one.

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