Chrome 73 Finally Arrived On Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux With Some Changes

Google has released Chrome 73 for Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows, and it will reach users across the globe throughout the next few weeks.

Changes in Chrome 73

Chrome 73 brings support for media keys on a compatible macOS, Windows, or Chrome OS-powered system. Users will be able to control media playback by pressing dedicated keys on the keyboard on services such as YouTube.

It also brings support for Progressive Web Apps and support for an automatic picture-in-picture for installed Progressive Web Apps on the desktop, this way you can switch between apps or tabs. Videos will automatically enter and leave the PIP as a user switches between apps or tabs.

Features such as Enhanced Spell Check and Safe Browsing Extended Reporting allow Chrome to collect URLs on an anonymous basis. Also, the feature more quickly the searches and browsing better and enables Chrome users to get a more specific search.

Chrome 73 for MacOs

Chrome 73 brings necessary changes such as Dark Mode for the macOS browser version. Dark Mode conforms to Mac devices only if the same is applied at the OS level. Dark Mode looks similar to the dark toolbar when using Chrome in the renowned incognito mode.

Dark Mode is not available for Windows users who it seems will have to wait for this sought-after feature.

Chrome 73 for Android

For Android, the Data Saver support for HTTPS pages improves page loading speeds. Data Saver helps loading pages faster thanks to Lite Pages notification on the OmniBar so that the users can get pages that save data and load more quickly. Users can tap the option Lite and choose whether to stay on the optimized page or load the original version.

Another feature for Chrome 73 for Android is that the users can browse easily suggested articles even when offline on the Dino page.

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