Android Q Just Got Successfully Rooted

Not much was shared by Google about the upcoming Android Q so far, but we’ve seen quite a few rumors about what the next version of Android could bring. Now it seems that a build of Android Q has been successfully rooted by the developer behind Magisk, John Wu. This happens on the leaked version of Android Q, which has been present online for a few weeks already. But even though this version has plenty of bugs and has not been completed yet, it’s still great what the developer has managed to do.

The next version of Android Q has been successfully rooted

A split screenshot of Android Q has been shared on Twitter by Wu, as you can see in the image down below. On the right we notice the Magisk app verifying that the device is actually rooted, while on the left we can easily see the number of the version.

The developer has also mentioned that he did not use a build.prop edit in order to create the image. He stated that the platform has really been rooted. Wu also added that Google wouldn’t be able to break this root method before the upcoming Android OS will get either a developer preview or the final release.

Android Q Release Date

Android Q will most probably be known as Android 10 as well. The next version of Android hasn’t been confirmed yet by the tech giant, but we do know that it’s coming. When exactly, that is quite uncertain. There haven’t been any announcements made by Google about a possible release date for Android Q.

Based on some rumors, the upcoming Android operating system might arrive this month, and we might even see an alpha build released to developers the same day it’s announced. The company may launch Android 10 in the middle of August. Hopefully we’ll finally have some news on this quite soon.

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