Top 5 Best Android Apps You Won’t Find On The Google Play Store

People who own Android devices know that they can count on Google Play every time they want to download a new app or game. The worldwide famous virtual store is one of the most significant and most crucial entertainment markets. It has millions of cool apps and games, but the collection is continually increasing as a lot of new content is added every day.

On the other hand, Google Play is not the only place where we can find awesome Android apps and games. Some useful tools can be separately installed because they are available as APK files. That means that we can’t get them from Android’s store.

Top 5 Best Android Apps You Won’t Find On The Google Play Store

  1. YouTube Vanced – this is a modded version of the same official app. What makes it so unique is that it has features like ad blocking, auto repeat, background playback and much more;
  2. GB Insta – this modded version of Instagram comes with features that are not available in the original version. These additions are among the most requested and very useful, so GB Insta is definitely worth trying;
  3. Snaptube – this is one of the most popular tools used for downloading media files. It allows users to get videos from any streaming or social platform, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more. Besides, people can choose features like video quality or format;
  4. WiFiKill – this app allows you to see all the devices connected to your WiFi network through a simple scan. Furthermore, you can choose to remove a device from your network if you consider it to be dangerous;
  5. Mixplorer – like the name suggests this is a fully packed file manager that makes its user’s work a lot easier. It supports almost every operation, including the administration of compressed files.

These are only a few examples, but you can choose from a wider variety of apps that can be downloaded from third-party Android apps stores besides the Google Play Store. Whichever you would prefer, don’t forget about data privacy and security.

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