The Best Health Apps for your Apple Watch in 2019

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearable accessories, and the latest generation comes with some nifty health tools. Here are some of the best health and fitness app that will improve your lifestyle.


Activity is a minimalistic health app that focuses on three key points: Move, Exercise and Stand. The user interface will show three rings that fill over time. The Move ring will fill as you walk by counting your steps. The Exercise ring will track 30 minutes of physical exercises, and the Stand ring encourages users to leave their comfy seats from time to time. The app can be used in tandem with the Workout and Health app to boost your fitness goals.


This app is quite good for a native offering as it can track specific activities and showcase a variety of useful information that can be synched with the Health and Activity apps.

Fabulous Daily Motivation

Those that enjoy colorful images and inspirational quotes will certainly love this app. The all-in-one app will motivate users by offering integrated coaching features, pleasant 7-minute workouts and a variety of useful tricks. The app is free and offers IAPs.


This one was made by Under Armour and is a great app for those that wish to shed some weight by exercising daily. The app will show you the number of burned calories, exercise efficiency and required nutrients. A robust package of core feature is available for free and advanced options can be unlocked via IAPs.


Dedicated runners will enjoy Strava. The app can track your speed, distance, pace, and other relevant information. Users can showcase their run on social media, and a Social Training section will allow them to connect with other running fans. The app is free and additional features can be bought.


Fans of complex workouts will be able to track their progress with the help of SmartGym. The app allows users to create custom routines, track their progress and consult detailed statistics. The app is available for free and additional features can be purchased.

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