New Samsung Patent Shows the S-Pen Stylus Gets Huge Upgrades

We’re all waiting to see Samsung reveal the new Samsung flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S10 line will come with three variants: the S10, the S10 Plus and a more affordable one – the S10 E. Along with the S10 line, we will see the Galaxy Buds earphones and a new Galaxy smartwatch.

All these devices got leaked so far, revealing impressive features, except for one: the Galaxy Note 10. Well, for now…

Galaxy Note 10 and its Impressive S-Pen Stylus

Although there aren’t many details on the Note 10 itself, we at least found out that the S-Pen stylus will bring impressive features. We hope to see it in the Note 10, and here is why.

Last year, the Note 9 came with an S-Pen that had a Bluetooth button you could customize. But this year, there will be a new addition that will let you do more than that!

Patently Mobile spotted a patent from Samsung that shows the S-Pen is getting a camera of its own! It will not be used to control the Note’s camera, but it will come with an integrated camera that will have an optical zoom, because it has the necessary thickness, considering how long the stylus is.

Check out the next image to see the design and the inside of the stylus.

The patent for the camera shows how the lens fit in the upper part of the S-Pen. It will have a control key that will let users set the zoom. Samsung has first filed the patent about two years ago and was granted on 5 February 2019 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Another great news is that this stylus could be used for a laptop or a desktop display, as the patent notes it is adaptable not just to be used on (and fit into) a smartphone.

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